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Why Buy Cannabis Info Books?

We decided to add Cannabis and other drug related books to our website as to offer training and useful information to our customers. These books are all very popular and highly regarded by serious marijuana enthusiasts. There is something here for just about everything you need to know from growing to cooking and alternative therapy.

are the Marijuana Magazines in date?

We try our best to keep the very latest marijuana magazines in stock and up to date. The Current issues of Weed World are popular so they normally sell well. If we don't have a copy of the latest version we can either order it in specially for you or we will email you offering the copy that we do have in stock.

Is it legal to buy Cannabis Books

Freedom of information in the UK makes it possible to read what ever you like. It is not a crime to understand how things are done. It is not a crime to know how to grow marijuana or to cook using marijuana or to understand any drug and the use and effects that drug might offer. The law only gets broken when you choose to act out on the information you posses. We do not encourage and take no responsibility for the unlawful acts a customer might commit. You are reminded that all our products are supplied for research purposes only and not intended to promote illegal activity.

Whats the best growing book?

The best Cannabis Sultivation book we offer at just feminized seeds bank is currently The Indoor Horticulture Marijuana Bible. This book is highly informative and used by thousands of marijuana growers all over the world. The author of this book can take you from beginner to expert if you have the time and patience to read it in full. 

Books Cannabis Alchemy Art of Hashmaking
  • Everything to know
  • Hash A-Z
  • Highly informative
  • A good read an guide
Books Cooking With Ganja Published by Eric
  • Cannabis Cooking
  • Great Recipes
  • Highly informative
  • Renowned Auther
Books Current Issue Of Weed World Magazine
  • The current issue
  • 24hr delivery
  • Most popular cannabis magazine
  • many marijuana articales
Books Growing the Hallucinogens
  • Crazy mans guide
  • highly informative
  • 24hr delivery available
  • for info only
Books Is Marijuana The Right Medicine For You
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Is it for you guide
  • 24hr delivery available
  • What makes it medical?
Books Legal Highs A Concise Encyclopaedia
  • More than you realise
  • An intermediate guide
  • 24hr delivery available
  • Legal Encyclopidia
Books Marijuana Chemistry
  • Marijuana break down
  • What gets you high
  • THC, Ruderalis, CBD
  • Scientific approach
Books Marijuana Gold Trash To Stash
  • Once mans junk
  • Another mans treasure
  • Hash making guide
  • From the left over trash
Books Marijuana Guerilla Growing Jorge Cervantes
  • Outdoor grow guide
  • for research only
  • we do not promote practice
  • Great for information
Books Marijuana Indoors Five Easy Gardens
  • 5 Indoor Garden Examples
  • Great Guide
  • Highly informative
  • A good read and guide
Books Marijuana Myths & Facts
  • What are the facts?
  • Secrets answered
  • A good read
  • Great for information
Books Peyote and Other Psychoactive Cacti
  • hallucinogenics guide
  • Some strong cacti
  • Natural legal plant
  • an informative guide
Books Psychedelic Encyclopedia Book of highs
  • A surprise in many ways
  • Do you know what's out there
  • Natural legal plant highs
  • Well written guide
Books Salvia Divinorum Shamanic Plant Medicine
  • Ancient ritual medicine
  • Used in tribal cerimony
  • Stongest legal herb
  • spiritually used for years
Books The Cannabible Collection Jason King 1 2 & 3
  • Part 1, 2 & 3
  • Covers all aspects of growth
  • for research only
  • to be used in legal way
Books The Indoor Horticulture Marijuana Bible
  • Most Popular Cannabis Guide
  • 200 Color Photos
  • Covers All Aspects Of Growing
  • A Must Read
Books The Indoor Horticulture Medical Marijuana Bible
  • Most Popular Medical Guide
  • 512 Color Pages
  • 1120 Color Images
  • A Must Read
Books The Mushroom Culitvator
  • Listing Various Types of shrooms
  • Proceed with caution
  • can cause psychotic symptoms
  • guide to mushroom growth
Books The ultimate guide to everything Hashish!
  • explore the many types
  • great Production guide
  • learn the origin of hash
  • A great hash guide

Disclaimer: Cannabis Seeds are sold as Souvenirs and germination is illegal in most countries!

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