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What are Automatic Cannabis Strains?

Automatic Cannabis Seeds are the latest revelation in marijuana breeding that has become massively popular over the last few years. Until the development of Auto Flowering ganja strains the typical skunk plant would grow according to the light cycle it was given or the season in which it was growing. If the Cannabis plant was given approximately 18 hours light indoors the plant would stay in a vegetative growing faze producing no buds until the light cycle is changed. Once the light is switched to 12 hours light and 12 hours dark the flowering process would begin and last 7-14 weeks until the plants would be ready for harvest. Automatic flowering cannabis seeds flower regardless of how much light they receive. Even if the plants only received 10 hours, 6 hours, 20 hours a day no matter what they will finish flowering in a specific amount of time based on their individual genetics.

Benefits to using auto Seeds outdoors

Automatic flowering cannabis seeds are good because they give you the ability to grow in much more dynamic ways. If for example you were growing outdoors in windy and wet climates, traditionally this would be quite difficult. With autoflowering marijuana strains this is made easier because you can time your harvest to grow only during the perfect summer months. Normal cannabis plants would finish in say September, October or even November when rain would have most probably killed them but auto’s may have finished as early as June or July if your timing was right. Another benefit to outdoor growing is that you can if you are clever get more than one harvest every year. In countries where weather is hot all year round you could get a harvest every 8-10 weeks if you’re clever. This is just one of the great benefits to using automatic flowering Ganja varieties.

Why use Automatic Seeds Indoors

Autoflowering cannabis genetics are a good choice for indoor cannabis cultivation for many reasons. One obvious reason a lot of people are choosing auto’s now are for their fast flowering times. A reduction of at least 2-4 weeks can be gained by switching to auto flowering marijuana plants. Another reason for switching to auto’s is for plant structure. Auto cannabis plants are generally much smaller and shorter than standard photo period marijuana plants and this can be highly beneficial when growing in an experimentally environment such as a vertical growing chamber or in a very small space with limited head room. Auto cannabis plants are highly adaptable and due to their Siberian rooted genetics they are built to be much more resilient than normal cannabis strains.

Where do Auto Strains come from?

Automatic flowering genetics known as Ruderalis were discovered by a scientist or botanist in northern Siberia back in 1942. Automatic Flowering Ruderalis plants grow in places where weather gets very cold in the minus 30 degrees Celsius regions of the northern hemisphere. Specifically these genetics known as Ruderalis grow in places which have long summers where they have for some periods of the season up to 24 hours daylight and it never gets dark. Evolution created these genetics to adapt to this change by changing its DNA and making these specific plants flower regardless of how much light they received. So due to this change in nature the cannabis plants adapted and became able to flower unlike any other cannabis plant on the planet, automatically.

Auto Bubblegum Just Fem Mix & Match Seeds
  • Bubblegum x Ruderalis
  • 6-8 weeks flowering
  • Short in height
  • 300 grams per m²
Auto Caramel Feminized Mix & Match Seeds
  • Caramel x Ruderalis
  • Super Fast Flowering
  • Short in height
  • Medicinal Anti Anxiety
Auto Chocolope Feminized Mix & Match Seeds
  • DNA Chocolope x Ruderalis
  • 9-11 weeks seed to weed
  • Can be quite tall
  • Very High Strength
Auto Chronix Feminized Mix & Match Seeds
  • Serious Chronic x Lowryder #2
  • Super Fast Flowering
  • Creative Daytime Smoke
  • Big Fat Sticky Buds
Auto Critical + Feminized Mix & Match Seeds
  • Critical + x Lowryder #2
  • Yield per plant: up to 60 grams
  • Info: Short, sturdy and Easy grow
  • Flowering Time: 65-75 Days
Auto Critical 47 Feminized Mix & Match Seeds
  • Auto AK47 x Critical 47
  • 10 Weeks from seed
  • Short in height
  • Good yields and THC
Auto Critical Jack Just Fem Mix & Match Seeds
  • Auto Critical+ x Jack Herer
  • Short in Height
  • 7-8 weeks flowering
  • Good Yielding auto
Auto Critical Lights Just Fem Mix & Match Seeds
  • Auto Critical x NL
  • 7-8 weeks flowering
  • 400+ Grams per m²
  • 15-20% THC
Auto Double Big Bud Female Mix & Match Seeds
  • Double Big Bud x Ruderalis
  • 7 Weeks flowering
  • Short, sturdy and compact
  • great yielding plant
Auto Durban Poison Fem Mix & Match Seeds
  • South African Wild Genetics
  • Worth waiting the extra week
  • Sativa Dominant
  • Aniseed and Citrus taste
Auto Exodus Cheese Just Fem Mix & Match Seeds
  • UK Cheese x Ruderalis
  • 8 weeks flowering
  • 50-100cm in height
  • High in THC with great yields
Auto Jack Herer Just Fem Mix & Match Seeds
  • Jack Herer x Ruderalis
  • 9-11 Weeks from seed
  • Great for closet grows
  • Original Jack Herer cross
Auto Kali Mist Feminized Mix & Match Seeds
  • Known as Auto Kali Mist
  • Serious Kali Mist x Ruderalis
  • Sativa Dominant
  • Potent Ruderalis Strain
Auto Kush-O-Matic Female Mix & Match Seeds
  • Hindu Kush Hybrid
  • Seed to Harvest in just 10 weeks
  • 40-60 cm tall
  • up to 500 grams per m²
Auto Lemon o Matic Fem Mix & Match Seeds
  • Lemon Skunk x Lowryder #2
  • 7-8 weeks flowering
  • 25-50cm in height
  • Up to 50 grams per plant
Auto Lush Lavender Fem Mix & Match Seeds
  • Lush Lavender Ruderalis
  • Short but very compact
  • High Bud to Leaf Ratio
  • Sweet, Earthy & Spicy
Auto Mazar Just Feminized Mix & Match Seeds
  • Mazar x Lowryder
  • Seed to weed in just 10 weeks
  • Short in height
  • up to 500g psm
Auto Monster Cheese Fem Mix & Match Seeds
  • Auto Monster Mass x Exodus Cheese
  • 10 Weeks from seed
  • Short in height
  • Good yields and THC
Auto Northern Lights Blue Just Fem Mix & Match Seeds
  • Blueberry x Auto Northern Lights
  • 8-10 Weeks from seed
  • Strong with a great taste
  • Extremely stable auto
Auto Northern Lights Fem Mix & Match Seeds
  • Full Auto Northern Lights
  • 7-8 weeks flowering
  • Short, sturdy and Easy grow
  • 50-70 grams per plant
Auto NYC Diesel Just Female Mix & Match Seeds
  • NYC Diesel Ruderalis
  • 8-10 Weeks from seed
  • Great for closet grows
  • Original Soma Seeds Hybrid
Auto OG Kush Feminized Mix & Match Seeds
  • Ruderalis Chem Dawg x Lemon Kush
  • Nice Indica Dominant
  • Short in Height
  • Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
Auto Original #2 Feminized Mix & Match Seeds
  • Santa Maria x Lowrider
  • 6-7 weeks flowering
  • Short and Simple
  • up to 60 grams per plant
Auto Original 47 Feminized Mix & Match Seeds
  • Our most popular Automatic strain
  • 7 weeks flowering
  • Short, sturdy and easy to grow
  • 40-70 grams per plant
Auto Power Plant Female Mix & Match Seeds
  • Power Plant x Ruderalis
  • 9-11 weeks seed to weed
  • Short in height
  • Very High Yield
Auto Purple Haze Female Mix & Match Seeds
  • Purple Haze x Lowryder
  • 12 Weeks from seed
  • Medium height
  • Great outdoor strain

Disclaimer: Cannabis Seeds are sold as Souvenirs and germination is illegal in most countries!

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