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High CBD Cannabis Strains

Indica or Sativa Whats the Difference?

Indica strains produce a more body stone and are generally more highly rich in CBD. Fan leaves are big, plants are darker in colour and the buds are very compact. Cannabis Sativa on the other hand is very different and acts more in the way of a head buzz with plants growing taller with lighter colour thinly stretched fan leaves. Cannabis Indica originates from the hash making countries like Afghanistan and Morocco where as Sativa strains originate from parts of Asia and South America. Finding a good mixed variety like with Mixed Indica and Sativa cannabis genetics offers the best of both worlds as the high is balanced and the plants are interesting and often very good yielding. The more Indica in the strains genetics, the more of a body stone it will create. The more Sativa in the strain, the more of an energetic head buzz you will get. It’s quite as simple as that (generally speaking)

Why is Plant Height Important?

Cannabis plants can grow to various heights. Choosing the correct strain is a very important task as not all garden requirements are the same. If you are limited on space and especially height it is fundamental to use a plant that does not stretch to tall during flowering. Plants with Short to medium heights should be suited to most garden types unless there are major height restrictions. Short growing plant should not give you too many issues in limited height spaces. Obviously there are exceptions to the rules of plant heights as more advanced growers can control the height with various techniques. Some short growing plants can stretch due to stress and end up taller than expected and some tall plants can be controlled with advanced growing techniques. If you have no height restrictions then it could be worth trying some taller cannabis plants, maybe Sativa's. Indicas are typically Short and Sativa's are typically tall but there are a few exceptions to this rule.

Are Some Strains Harder to Grow?

When selecting a cannabis strain it is important to know your limits, personal knowledge and abilities. It is always recommended to at least read a basic marijuana cultivation book before getting started. Cannabis Strains behave in many different ways as an advanced grower would know. Some strains are susceptible to stretching very tall in high heats and others are prone to going mouldy when they do not have enough air circulation. Finding a strain that suits you both in the growing style and effect of when it is smoked is a life times dedication for some. Generally speaking Indica Ganja Strains are slightly easier to grow but some exceptions such as AK47 and Power Plant which are both Sativa Strains are both very easy to grow. Take time to research as much as possible to find the winning combination for your next project.

Why are THC Levels so Important?

Different cannabis Strains have different levels of THC content. It is considered that anything over 16% mark is a strong in potency cannabis strains. Some marijuana strains can produce THC levels over 20% and these are considered to be very high strength. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) rich strains will affect your auditory and visual senses and stimulate your appetite greatly. High levels of THC will give you a pleasant hypnotic high but there may be some unwanted side effects that go with this such as anxiety, paranoia and even psychological delusions with very strong cannabis. When choosing a cannabis strain the type of high associated with the strain will mostly depend on 3 things. If it is cannabis Sativa or Indica as both produce very different effects, whether it has high THC content and also the level of CBD in the strain. It is good to find a nice balanced strain with a high level of THC and CBD with a good balance of Indica and Sativa but everyone is different so it’s best to find what suits you individually. For novice ganja cultivators it is better to probably choose something with a lower THC level as there is no need to be completely wasted. Personally I would never smoke anything with a THC level above 15% and prefer more lower 10% range automatic flowering strains. Some people would only ever go for the most powerful strain they could find because they love getting completely pickled but its really and simply down to personal preference and the level of tolerance your own body and mind accepts.

Here you will find strains which are best suited to outdoor gardening in European wet climates. These cannabis strains will have good resistance to mold, mildew and pests.
These Strains are easy to grow and best suited for beginners and novice horticulturists that want a good crop without the worry of losing plants. These are resilient, hard wearing and sometimes indestructible cannabis strains
This section is for standard feminized cannabis strains that flower fast. There is a separate section for fast flowering auto marijuana seeds so take a look at that for automatics.
Here you will find our most medicinally beneficial strains that are super high in CBD Content. CBD is the active ingredient that helps fight all kinds of health issues including Cancer.
In this section will find feminized cannabis strains that have a high THC content and are very potent. If your looking for heavy hitting marijuana seeds to grow take a look here.
Indica, Sativa or Mixed
The 2 main differences in Cannabis Varieties are Indica and Sativa. They both give a very difference effect and suit different people accordingly, but sometimes a good mixed 50/50 Balance is perfect.
Height can be an issue in tight places when growing cannabis plants so we have put together a list of Short finishing marijuana strains to help you choose your next seeds wisely.

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