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Just Feminized Own Seed Bank Cannabis Strains - We Breed Fresh 100% Stable Feminized Marijuana Genetics

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What are Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Traditionally cannabis seeds are naturally produced in the wild to be both female and male. When you grow regular cannabis plants a percentage of the plants will be female and the others will be male. Female plants will produce buds which are what people like to smoke and male plants will produce pollen which are useless when it comes to smoking. The problem comes when growing male and female plants together because once a male plant drops its pollen the females will catch the pollen and stop producing buds. Instead of producing buds they will now start producing cannabis seeds which you really don’t want as your yield will be low and the smoke will taste horrible with seeds popping off every few seconds.  Really unless you are a nature fanatic or you are looking to produce your own seeds Regular seeds are not often needed.

How do Regular Plants grow?

Regular Cannabis Plants grow to be either a female or male cannabis plant. They grow exactly the same as other cannabis plants but of course it depends if you want males or female plants and what your reasons are for growing.

Why Use Regular Marijuana Seeds?

Regular Seeds should only really be used for a number of reasons. One is that they are sometimes cheaper to buy and so you could get more for your money if you want to remove the males from the batch. The thing with this is you can never guarantee the number of females in any pack of regular seeds. Other reasons for growing regular cannabis seeds really include personal reasons that some people simply don’t agree with the nature of growing feminized plants and are on a protest to grow more naturally. Some may believe that by growing regular plants you could grow some out to create a nice female mother plant but this is quite long winded as you will need to flower the plants to see if they are male or female. Now day’s Regular Cannabis seeds are not popular at all on our website. We literally only sell a pack of regular seeds if a person is a novice, the seeds are very cheap or for personal reasons of the customer. On average we only sell 1-2 packs of regular seeds every month so really they are close to obsolete.

How to create Regular Ganja Seeds

Absolutely anyone can create basic Regular Cannabis Seeds. All you need to do is grow a male and female cannabis plant next to each other in a room and you will end up with regular cannabis seeds. How it works is that the female plant will keep growing an producing buds with hairs called trichromes which desire to be covered in pollen to make it produce seeds. The male will grow and at a certain time produce the pollen that the female requires to produce seeds. Once pollen has dropped and impregnated the female from this date seeds will be fully ripe and ready to harvest in approximately 6 weeks.

Short Stuff Auto Short Stuff #1 Regular 10 Seeds
  • William's Wonder x NL x Ruderalis
  • 8-9 weeks from seed
  • 30-60cm in height
  • 350+ grams per m²
Short Stuff Auto Short Stuff #1 Regular 20 pack
  • William's Wonder x NL x Ruderalis
  • 8-9 weeks from seed
  • 30-60cm in height
  • 350+ grams per m²
Short Stuff Auto Snowryder Regular 10 Weed Seeds
  • Lowryder x Snow White
  • 8-10 weeks from seed
  • 40-80cm in height
  • 400+ grams per m²

Disclaimer: Cannabis Seeds are sold as Souvenirs and germination is illegal in most countries!

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