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Dinafem Seeds Strain Statistics

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Dinafem Seeds Strain statistics guide.
We have added strain guides for all the Dinafem Seeds range. This is a good comparison for height, yield, THC content and flowering times. The information contained in all our strain statistics is meant as a rough guide only as there are many variables that can affect the growth of a plant. Our statistics represent the results of plants grown under optimal conditions with a perfect feeding program and 1000 watts per m2. We hope this information will help you decide which strain is right for your collection.
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Dinafem Cannabis Strains

information for Dinafem Seeds strains collection including Critical Automatic, Critical Jack, Haze Automatic, Blue Fruit, Blue Hash, Blue Widow, Cali Hash Plant, Dina Cheese, Cloud #9, Critical +, Diesel, Fruit Automatic, Grapefruit Automatic, Industrial Plant, Moby Dick #2, Moby Dick #1, Moby Hash, Power Kush, Road Runner #2, Road Runner, Royal Haze, Shark Attack, Santa Sativa, Super Critical Haze, Super Silver, White Siberian and White Widow. All these Dinafem strains are available on our site and we hope the information above relating to results in yield, height, thc content and flowering times using these strains proves to be helpful. This is the most extensive guide to cannabis seeds on the internet which has taken many hours to compile so we really hope you like it.