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Dutch Passion

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Dutch Passion is one of the original Amsterdam seed banks that started in 1987. There are not many more with over 25 years experience. Dutch Passion were rumoured to have been the first cannabis breeders to produce the method of feminisation in marijuana seeds.

Dutch Passion has a very professional cannabis seed breeding program. It is said that when creating their mother plants, they stress a minimum 100 female plants to find one true female. This Female is then kept and used for future breeding. Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds have a high reputation but till now had a terrible packaging. New to 2017 they have finally released an upgraded souvenir pack which is in the form of a square tobacco tin. This has really boosted their popularity and has seen them ordered much more as a consequence.

In our opinion Dutch Passion is a great Cannabis Breeders with a good reputation and fantastic variety. Over the last 12 months Dutch Passion rank 3rd in our most popular cannabis seed bank sales list out of over 80 breeders. They provide quality Marijuana genetics with lots of strains to choose from. Dutch Passion Marijuana Strains are varied in price depending on the strain you choose ranging from low to medium ranged in affordability.  Because Dutch Passion sells very fast on our website and we dont get any complaints we rate them 9/10. The reason Dutch Passion get a slightly higher score than normal is because of the update in the seed packaging which looks great and is highly collectible.

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