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Exodus Cheese Just Feminized Seeds

  • Original Awesome UK Cheese
  • 8-10 Weeks flowering
  • 80-120cm
  • 550+ grams per m²
Genetics: Original UK Exodus Tribe Cheese
Lineage: 60% Indica 40% Sativa
Flowering Times: 7-9 Weeks
Outdoor Harvest: Late September
Yield: High 500-600 grams per meter 
THC Content: 20-25%
Finished Height: 100-130cm
We have been waiting for our green fingered friends to develop our own Cheese for some time now and they have finally cracked it. There have been many cross breeds of this renowned variety but the original UK Variety is the only one we wanted. 

I'm not sure you will find many people who do not like the cannabis strain known as Cheese or pretty much any cross that contains it!

The first Cheese was originally created in the late 1980s from a phenotype allegedly from a pack of Sensi Seeds, Skunk #1. In 1995 the first clones started in the UK and they were only available to select people in a tight circle of underground growers from an alternative living community known as Exodus in Luton, England. From that day until now it has paved the way and contributed to many of the strains genetics that are now available. Every cross has achieved a lot of success as the unique qualities of cheese compliment genetics in the most desirable way that not many other stains can compete with.
Cheese is renowned and awarded not only for its unique cheesy odour but it has many properties that are desired in a garden. They are stable, heavy yielding and easy to grow and the look, taste and high of the smoke will be like love at first sight for any serious and devoted enthusiast. Maybe the only complaint would come from a newbie who just couldn't handle it but other than that it is clear to see why it has gained the amount of respect that it clearly deserves. 

Exodus Cheese marijuana is medicinally beneficial mostly in the high, euphoric feeling it gives you when smoked. It can also be good in pain relief and mild depression. The only downside is that it is not so well suited for sleeping disorders and for those desiring a treatment for hunger issues this one will not give you the munchies. Expect a very dry mouth with this one so a nice refreshing drink on the side will make the Cheese smoking experience a whole lot more pleasant.

All our cannabis seeds are 99.5% female and 99.5% viable. We store all our Cheese seeds in a commercial fridge at optimal temperatures and we have dates on them all to know how their age. They come freshly packed into plastic hinge lipped containers and are kept at optimal temperatures to preserve quality.

All our cannabis seeds are 99.5% female and 99.5% viable!

We do our best to keep our cannabis seeds fresh and handled in the most professional manner at just feminized seeds bank. Every pack of seeds that enters our shop is first dated and then stored in a commercial fridge to preserve the quality.

When dispatching our cannabis seeds we make sure every pack is very well labeled and most of the time placed inside a small plastic vial tube for safe transportation.

We Guarantee same day dispatch if you order before 3pm Monday Friday. If you want  Guaranteed Next Day Delivery it will cost a little extra!
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Great Strain Cheese! Good Yield, Easy to grow, Fully Feminized, Cheap and Fast Delivery to so all round good stuff!

| | November 2014

Feminized cheese seeds are great and i love big buddha and have basically created a generic version of their cannabis strains. This one grows exactly the same as buddha cheese and out of 25 all were feminized and 24 germinated perfectly.

| | November 2014

Can e complain on it super smoker bend my head an e goodn yild. 3 once a plant on 1000 wats set. happy man again.

Cheesey Chaz | UK | October 2014

I have grown big buddha cheese and greenhouse cheese and this one has been my best crop so far.

it might be down to conditions but for the price during this discount i am very happy thank you

Ben | Poole | October 2014

My favourite cheese. ..easy to grow. ..and very nice smoke

Richie | Yorkshire | May 2014

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