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Just Feminized Own Seed Bank Cannabis Strains - We Breed Fresh 100% Stable Feminized Marijuana Genetics

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Quality Herb Cannabis Grinder Crushers for Sale Cheap
Buy Lighters & Ashtrays cheap at Just Feminized
Pipes, Bongs & Shisha Smoking Accessories
Vaporisers, Vaporizers including Plenty, Volcano, Divinci, Magic Flight, Arizer, Ariser and more
Rizla, Rolling Papers and Rolling Accessories boxes storage etc
Cannabis growing marijuana cultivation books for sale
High CBD Cannabis Strains

Whats the best Ganja Gift?

The best Ganja gift we currently offer is either the Amsterdam board game or the Just Feminized Power Kite. These can both offer hours of fun for the person and makes a great gift. The most popular product for a gift would most likely be one of our nice aluminium Grinders as these look great and get a good amount of use.

are just feminized cannabis gifts quality?

We try to source all the products available at Just Feminized seeds bank from reputable suppliers to guarantee high quality. These products we have chosen are all made with quality materials and you will certainly get good value for money. If you receive any item you are not happy with or in faulty condition just let us know and we will gladly swap is for something else.

Are Real bud Keyrings Legal?

This is a question we have had on occasion because the keyring actually contains real marijuana. The reason these are completely legal to buy and sell is because of the way they are made. Yes they are real cannabis plant buds that have grown on a real marijuana plant. The thing is that they have been covered in clear resin which has made them impossible to smoke. Bud is illegal to smoke so because you cannot smoke these they are completely legal to buy.

Is Cannabis Legal to smoke in the UK

Cannabis is not legal to smoke in the UK but currently laws are quite relaxed. If you want to find more information regarding the current laws and sentencing guidelines checkout this very informative blog clinking on this provided link LAWS of Cannabis

Gifts Boys On Tour Amsterdam Board Game
  • Your mission: to visit every Brothel
  • takes games into dark territory
  • XXX-Rated Dirty Tricks cards
  • Great for a party or Gift to a friend
Gifts Bud Keyring with a real popcorn bud inside
  • Our most popular Automatic strain
  • Yield per plant: up to 50 grams
  • Info: Short, sturdy and Easy grow
  • Flowering Time: 7 Weeks
Gifts Just Feminized 2m 2-Line Power Kite
  • Have some fun with Just Feminized
  • 2 Line Power Kite
  • 2 Meters Wide
  • RRP 19.99 'Beginners Kite'
Justfeminized Coloured Magnetic Plastic Grinders
  • Simple Yet Affective
  • Choice of Colours Available
  • Best value Grinder available
  • Best Price Guaranteed

Disclaimer: Cannabis Seeds are sold as Souvenirs and germination is illegal in most countries!

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