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What are Haze Strain Genetics?

Haze Genetics are sativa dominant or pure 100% Sativas which grow in parts of South East Asia, South America and Africa. The growing stature of a Haze plant will always be tall, stretchy and with very loose buds. Haze cannabis plants can take anything up to 16 weeks to flower and harvest and these marijuana plants can be very difficult to cultivate indoors.

What is an ORIGINAL HAZE Hybrid?

An ORIGINAL HAZE Hybrid is basically a cannabis strain that contains ORIGINAL HAZE in its genetics. To make it into our list of ORIGINAL HAZE marijuana seeds list the product must contain at least 25% ORIGINAL HAZE in its genetic makeup. ORIGINAL HAZE has been prized for its many unique benefits that people love and it is very popular on our site. If you like ORIGINAL HAZE but want a little big of a change it might be interesting to choose one of the hybrids that contain the original ORIGINAL HAZE with something that improves or balances it in a way to add more strength or improve yield or make it a little more easier to grow.

Is Original Haze High in Strength

ORIGINAL HAZE is a Cannabis Strain that has THC content somewhere around the 12-16% mark depending on the grower skills level. This is considered to be a medium level and shouldn’t be to heavy hitting for all levels of cannabis users. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) rich strains will affect your auditory and visual senses and stimulate your appetite greatly. ORIGINAL HAZE with its medium level of THC will give you a pleasant hypnotic high and will not be crazy strong like some known cheese and Amnesia varieties. When choosing a cannabis strain the type of high associated with the strain will mostly depend on 3 things. Firstly if it’s cannabis Sativa or Indica as both produce very different effects, secondly THC content makes a big difference with the higher levels being the strongest smoke and CBD content makes the smoke a lot more pleasurable and easier to handle. The third major point is that it greatly depends on the growers experience as the more skills and time put in the better and stronger results you will achieve. It is always good to find a nice balanced strain with a high level of THC and CBD with a good balance of Indica and Sativa but everyone is different so it’s best to find what suits you individually.

More Information on Original Haze

ORIGINAL HAZE is a Cannabis Sativa dominant variety. Typically Sativa’s have higher ratios of THC than Indica Strains and usually lower percentages of CBD. They are typically taller growing with narrower leaves and much lighter green in colour. Sativa Cannabis Strains originate from Countries such as Columbia, Thailand, Mexico and South East Asia. Cannabis Sativa effects you in a powerful and cerebral way and is known more for its head buzz rather than the Indica body stone. Effects can be energetic and trippy and most high strength Sativa strains are less suited to novice beginner smokers.

00 Seeds - Chocolate Kush Female 5 Cannabis Seeds
  • Yield: 350-400 gr/m²
  • Flowering period: 56-60 days.
  • INDOOR Height: 70-100 cm.
  • OUTDOOR Height: 150-250 cm
710 Genetics C'99 Haze Female 5 Marijuana Seeds
  • Genetics: C99 x Elite Clone
  • THC Content: 15-20%
  • Height: 250-300 cm
  • Flowering Time: 7 weeks +
710 Genetics Carnage Female 5 Marijuana Seeds
  • Genetics: Trainwreck x Elite clone
  • Type: Sativa Dominant
  • Flowering: 9 weeks
  • Height: 150-170 cm
710 Genetics Lemon & Lime Fem 5 Cannabis Seeds
  • Genetics : Lemon Diesel x Sour Lemon OG
  • Flowering Time : 63-70 Days
  • Type : Mostly Sativa
  • Height : 1.5m Inside / 2.2m Outside
710 Genetics Shellshock Female 5 Marijuana Seeds
  • Indoor flowering period: 10-14 weeks
  • yield :Indoor 450-500 g/m²/outdoor 600-800 g/plant
  • height: Indoor 1.5 m/outdoor 3 m
  • THC: 15-20%
710 Genetics Solace Female 5 Marijuana Seeds
  • Skunk x Elite Clone xHaze
  • Type Sativa Dominant
  • Flowering Time 10-11 Weeks (End Oct)
  • THC Content 18-21%
Ace Seeds Bangi Haze Female 5 Marijuana Seeds
  • Highly Suited to wet climates
  • Resistant to mildew & Botrytis
  • Medium height
  • High Yielding and Easy to grow
Ace Seeds Panama Haze Female 5 Marijuana Seeds
  • 100% Sativa Strain
  • trippy psychedelic haze
  • Very Tall Monster
  • Only for the connoisseurs
Ace Seeds Purple Haze x Malawi Killer Fem 5 Seeds
  • Highly Suited to wet climates
  • Resistant to mildew & Botrytis
  • Medium height
  • High Yielding and Easy to grow
Advanced Haze Mist Feminized 10 Ganja Seeds
  • Haze x White Widow
  • 8-10 Weeks flowering
  • Short, Frosty and strong
  • 450-500 g/m²
Amsterdam Genetics White Choco Haze Fem 5
  • Parents: White Choco x Mexican Haze
  • Type: 20% Indica / 80% Sativa
  • Finish Flowering in 60-65 Days
  • High Yielding up to 600 gram per meter
Auto Blue Dream Female Mix & Match Seeds
  • Blueberry x Haze x Ruderalis
  • Display of Beautiful Colour
  • Indica, Sativa & Ruderalis
  • Cerebral & Spiritual High
Auto Seeds Dreamberry Fem Single Marijuana Seed
  • Blue Dream x Berry Ryder
  • 75-80 Days from Seed to Weed
  • Indoor height: 50-100 cm.
  • THC Content: 14-17%
Auto Seeds MiG-29 Female 5 Marijuana Seeds
  • G13 Haze x Ruderalis
  • 65-80 Days From Seed
  • 30cm-100cm
  • 400+ grams per m²
Auto Seeds Ultra Lemon Haze Fem 5 Cannabis Seeds
  • Lemon Haze x Sour Diesel x Auto #1
  • 65-70 Days From Seed
  • 60cm-80cm
  • High Yield and Good THC Levels
Auto White Haze Female Mix & Match Seeds
  • White Widow x Haze Auto
  • Highly Sativa Autoflowering
  • Known as White Haze
  • Budget Price but Premium Quality
Barneys Farm G13 Haze Female 5 Marijuana Seeds
  • G13 x Hawaiian sativa
  • 10-11 weeks flowering
  • 500 grams per m²
  • 70-90 cm in height
Barneys Farm Liberty Haze Fem 5 Marijuana Seeds
  • G13 x Chem Dawg 91
  • 8-9 weeks flowering
  • 90-100cm tall
  • Up to 650 grams per m²
Barneys Farm Utopia Haze Female 10 Cannabis Seeds
  • Afghani x Mexican x North Indian
  • 10-11 weeks flowering
  • 80-90 cm tall
  • 550 grams per m²
Big Buddha Buddha Haze Female 5 Marijuana Seeds
  • 4 way multiple Haze cross
  • 11-13 weeks flowering
  • 110-130 cm in height
  • No 1 choice for Haze lovers
Big Head Buzz 'n' Smiles Female 10 Marijuana Seeds
  • Super Lemon Haze x Big Head #1
  • Very Strong 20%+ THC
  • 9 Weeks Flowering Time
  • Balanced Sativa Indica High
Black Skull Speed Haze Female 5 Marijuana Seeds
  • Super Silver Haze x Jack Herer
  • Indica 20% Sativa 80%
  • Indica 60% Sativa 40%
  • Very fast for a Haze
Blim Burn Blue Dream Female 3 Cannabis Seeds
  • Blueberry x Haze
  • CBD: Low THC: High
  • 65-70 Days Flowering Time
  • Mostly Sativa 600 g/m²
Blue Dream Just Feminized Mix & Match Seeds
  • Blueberry x Super Haze
  • 9 weeks Flowering
  • Intense, Spiritual High
  • Good Yield & THC Levels
Bulldog Blue Dream Female 5 Marijuana Seeds
  • Blueberry x Haze
  • Medium High Yielding Strain
  • 65-70 Days Flowering Time
  • Mostly Sativa
Bulldog Silverstar Haze Female 5 Marijuana Seeds
  • Skunk x Nothern Light x Haze
  • 10-11 Weeks flowering
  • 80-140 cm in height
  • 600-700 grams per m²

Disclaimer: Cannabis Seeds are sold as Souvenirs and germination is illegal in most countries!

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