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Why Choose based on specific Genetics?

When deciding which cannabis strains to buy it is important to understand your requirements.

The 1st most important question needs to be what type of strain are you looking for in terms of Indica or Sativa? Indicas give a full body stone and can be less heavy hitting on your psychotic state of mind. Sativa's can be more energetic and likely to give you a more psychotic and active mind. 

The 2nd importand question which is similar to the first question really. What THC and CBD Levels do you require to achieve your own personal goals? THC basically is the active chemical in Cannabis that gives you the mind alteration. It is associated with the trippy high that most desire but for some this can be a little too much. Choosing a strain with High THC may not be to everyone's taste so be careful if this is something that is not for you. CBD on the other hand is the complete opposite of THC in that it actually counter acts the effects of THC. High CBD Strains are becoming popular with peole who do not want the psychotic high and paranoia that sometimes comes with it. CBD Is also very popular in medical patience as science is now proving that CBD can have positive effects on all kinds of disorders such as epilepsy, cerebral palsy, auto neurons diseases and it even fights cancer.

Once you have decided the effect you want from your chosen strain you then need to know what the growing conditions might be when actually cultivating the chosen cannabis strain.

Typical Growing Stature of a Sativa Cannabis Plant: Typically a Sativa plant will grow very tall, with loose buds and very wide stretching branches. Sativa Cannabis Genetics are more likely to take longer to grow with flowering periods up to 14/16 weeks in some cases and they generally may cause more issues when choosing an indoor growing environment.

Typical Growing Stature of a Indica Marijuana Plant: Typically a Indica Cannabis plant will grow Short with very dense buds and compact branches and slightly thicker leaves. Indica Marijuana Genetics are more likely to finish faster with flowering times as short as 6-8 weeks in a lot of cases. Indica Cannabis Plants are typically much easier to grow indoors as they are easy to control in smaller spaces.

When you begin to understand a little about cannabis genetics you can then begin to understand what strains are best suited for your project. Choosing strains based on the fact that they are AK47 Hybrids or Kush hybrids for example you will know how that plant will behave. Kush is an Indica that grows short and fat with a modest high so you know that will be half the genetics of the final plant. ​​​​AK47 is a Sativa with the unique trait that it actually also grows short but is very powerful so could end up being perfect for your chosen goal if you are looking for a balanced Indica/Sativa High.

This section is good because if you click AK47 Hybrids, every strain in that category will contain a minimum of 25% AK47 in its genetics.

If you click on Kush, every strain in that category will contain at least 25% Kush.

and so on.

Typical Hybrid Plants Growing Structures

AK47 Genetics: AK47 Cannabis Plants grow surprisingly short for a Sativa dominant marijuana strain. Flowering times are approximately 9 weeks from the day you switch the light to 12/12. Bud density is also unusually dense for a Sativa Ganja strain and yields are quite impressive. AK47 is an interesting weed plant to choose because it is unique. The plants grow very easily and are great for absolute beginners as you will not kill any plants. The one thing to watch out for is the smell as they are regarded as one of the strongest smelling Skunk plants available.

Amnesia Genetics: Amnesia Cannabis Plants grow in a typical Sativa style fashion. They grow tall and loose with a not so dense bud structure and need lots of space to spread out. Typically Amnesia plants flower in around 12 weeks depending on the exact Amnesia hybrid you have purchased. Amnesia is not for the novice grower but it is very popular so it might be a strain that is good as a hybrid as finding a suitable short growing partner might make it grow faster and easier to manage.

Big Bud Genetics: Big Bud Cannabis Plants grow exactly how you would expect a pure 100% Indica to. They grow very short with very dense bud structures and huge thick fan leaves that fill the grow space. Typically Big Bud Cannabis plants flower in around 8-9 weeks depending on the exact Big Bud hybrid you have purchased. Big Bud is very easy to grow and can produce some very big yields, possibly some of the best yields possible. Finding a balanced indica with Sativa and using Big Bud in the genetics can greatly improve the strain you are looking for.

Black Domina Genetics: Ortega Indica, Northern Lights and Hashplant make up the Black Domina cannabis strain. This Hybrid is mostly Indica dominant and so grows in the same fashion as other indica cannabis plants. Expect compact plants with good sized and dense buds but due to the small amount of Sativa its just slightly looser than your typical Indica. Flowering times are aproximately 8-9 weeks and can display the occassional phenotype which ripens much slower but is worth the wait.

Blueberry Genetics: Blueberry is an interesting 80% Indica dominant cannabis plant that people have been growing since the 1970's. This mostly indica plant grows like an indica with thick branches and lovely dense buds but the colours it displays in its buds are something that look, smell and taste amazing. Plants develop fast and finish in very short time around 7-8 weeks is possible. Blueberry grows very short under 1m tall and is very easy to control in your grow room.

Bubblegum Genetics: Bubblegum is an almost perfectly balanced 55% Indica and 45% Sativa Marijuana Strain. Bubblegum is a very fruitilicious cannabis plant that grows with long stretching side branches that occasionally need support when the buds get too big. This original masterpiece created by Serious Seeds grows to a medium height somewhere between 100-130cm typically. Flowering is approximately 8-9 weeks and there is a lovely pheno to look out for which is extra sweet and the aroma will stand out from all the other plants. 

Cheese Genetics: Cheese is a much loved cannabis strain that is possibly one of the best selling in the UK. The original genetics came from a pheno skunk #1 cannabis plant that possibly had some of its sativa ancestors coming through. Cheese cannabis plants are reletively easy to grow and are typically balanced with suitably dense indica like bud structures. The actual genetics are balanced around 50% Indica and 50% Sativa but the plants grow more similar to the Indica styles.

Chronic Genetics: Chronic is an original cannabis strain that was developed by Serious Seeds made up from AK47, Skunk and Northern Lights. This marijuana strain is well balanced with near 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. The plants grow very big with very impressive yields possible and the smoke is much more toned down. Typically Chronic Ganja plants grow to approximately 100-140cm tall and finish flowering in 9 weeks. Buds are medium dense showing the even balance of Genetics and this allows lots of light and oxygen to pass through the flowers.

Critical Genetics: Critical is made up of Afghani and Skunk genetics giving it a very dominant Indica background. This cannabis strain will grow short and compact and show some similar traits to that of big bud bud with slightly smaller fan leaves. Plants grow to a short height typically around 50cm tall and finish flowering very fast in a possible 7 weeks from turning the lights. 

Diesel Genetics: The original NYC Diesel is a 60% Sativa dominant cannabis variety. This strain takes slightly longer to finish flowering at around 10-12 weeks. This marijuana strain is popular because it is unique and some people just love the spicy diesel like aroma and taste of the buds. It makes for an awesome hybrid cannabis strain and is used in many cannabis genetics today. The plants typically grow quite tall and stretched but there can be the occasional Indica phenotype that grows short and bulky.

G13 Genetics: G13 is a very high strength Mostly Indica around 70% dominant cannabis strain that displays both Indica and Sativa pheno plants. The plants typically grow quite short with dense buds but there can be some variation in the finished marijuana plant. Generally this plant will finish around 30-60cm in height and yeilds can be anything up to 500 grams per meter. Flowering is medium at around 9 weeks till fully ripened.

Hashplant Genetics: Hashplant as its name suggests, comes from the regions of the world where hashish is made. This tells us that is is going to be a pure Indica or very dominant Indica Strain. Indica's are good as they produce a high amount of resin which is collected to make hashish in places such as Afghanistan and morocco. Hashplant cannabis plants grow short with a solid bud structure as you would expect with an Indica variety. This one has a very short flowering time and can finish in some cases at just 7 weeks from the change to 12/12 light.

Haze Genetics: are sativa dominant or pure 100% Sativas which grow in parts of South East Asia, South America and Africa. The growing stature of a Haze plant will always be tall, stretchy and with very loose buds. Haze cannabis plants can take anything up to 16 weeks to flower and harvest and these marijuana plants can be very difficult to cultivate indoors. 

Jack Herer Genetics: are made up of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica with Skunk #1, Northern Lights #5 and Haze. This much loved strain grows with a medium tall height and semi dense bud structure. It is reasonable well balanced when growing Jack Herer as it shows traits from both geno types. Jack Herer is a very classic strain with nice light orange and green hairs and a delicious original skunk taste. Plants generally finish around 9-10 weeks from flowering start and produce a high yield if done right.

Kali Mist Genetics: Kali Mist is another masterpeice from the creators of Serious Seeds. This Sativa dominant cannabis variety grows very tall and bushy and outside can reap tremendous harvests. Plants can grow to a height of between 150-200 cm indoors and flowering can last from 10-13 weeks. This strain is definately for the Sativa lovers but you will need some experience if your trying to grow this one in a small space. Kali Mist Cannabis plants grow very loose and with lots of space between each branch allowing light to pass all the way down to the lower branches where even the pop corn buds can form good. 

Kush Genetics: Kush is a 100% Indica cannabis strain which is very easy to grow indoors with very few issues. The plants grow short and fat with dense buds and a very compact overall structure. Fan leaves are big and with a good powerful light yields can get very large in deed. Kush marijuana plants grow to a finished height somewhere around 30-60cm and buds will fully ripen in approximately 8 weeks time. Kush is a very user friendly strain for beginners and is one of the most popular strains to be used as a hybrid.

Lemon Genetics: Lemon Skunk was originally created from a pheno that came from a Skunk #1 cannabis plant. This pheno was significantly different in that the buds and smell was certainly very much more Citrusy like Lemons. Now days there are many strains that have been created using the original Lemon Skunk because it offers something unique. Plants will have an Indica Like structure with a high Bud to leave ratio and medium height around 100cm. Lemon Skunk is actually slightly Sativa dominant so phenos can grow quite tall and loose. 

Mazar Genetics: Mazar is a cannabis plant that grows in the shape of a christmas tree and should not go above 50cm in height. Mazar is mostly Indica Dominant and grows in the way you would expect it to with compact buds which are fast developing. Plants will be very easy to maintain and finish flowering in a very short time, perfect for beginners.

Northern Lights Genetics: this cup winning cannabis plant is Indica dominant and very successful. This marijuana variety is very fast flowering and also very resilient to some of the pressures such as mould and pest problems. Originally created somewhere around 1985 Northern Lights is a popular strain which grows to a short height with high yields and can finish flowering very fast from just 7 weeks.

Power Plant Genetics: this is a very popular cannabis strain because power plant grows with the vigour of a Sativa but the structure of an Indica. The plants grow so fast and develop such a strong main stem that during flowering buds can grow monstrous. This Sativa dominant plant finishes in just 9 weeks of flowering and produces huge crops of very easy to grow bud. The only issues come down to bud size and mould growth that can be caused due to a lack of fresh air penetrating the buds. Power Plant is a great strain that is potent and high yielding and finished buds should be ready with just 9 weeks of flowering time.

Purple Genetics: Purple Haze was originally born in South East Asia and is a Sativa Dominant Cannabis Variety. We think Purple Haze has been misrepresented because the weed associated with it had always come from outdoor organic farming and then imported to the West. This of course made the weed less strong but using todays indoor farming methods you can grow some very powerful purple cannabis plants. This 70% dominant Sativa will grow quite tall but it will finish reasonably fast between 8-10 weeks of flowering. To make the leaves turn more purple towards the end of flowering lower your temperatures for the final week and see the transformation happen.

Somango Genetics: are made up of Jack Herer and Big Skunk Korean creating a 75% Sativa dominant cannabis strain. Plants grow reletively short for a sativa dominanat cannabis variety and buds look interesting as they are compact like Indica plants would display and they have lovely purple coloured hairs in the mix. Somango is an adventurous strain that is great for Sativa Lovers as it will take only 9-10 weeks to fully ripen during flowering. 

Super Skunk Genetics: Super Skunk is an Indica dominant cannabis strain that grows to produce large buds with huge twirling hues of buds. When you see a Super Skunk plant growing it is easily identifiable by the dread locks that purtrude out of the buds. Super Skunk is a fast flowering and high yeilding marijuana strain which is 80% Indica dominant. It grows to a medium height around 100cm tall and produces good size harvests of potent weed.

White Widow Genetics: White Widow is the Amsterdam classic that everyone knows and everyone loves. This cannabis strain is very slightly 60% Sativa dominant to its Brazilian ancestry. It is perfectly suited for all types of indoor growing applications as it grows very short in height and produces very dense buds for a mostly Sativa plant. People love White Widow as it is covered in crystals and produces a good crop every time. They say actually that White Widow is one of the easiest genetics to create seeds from so for the amateur's starting out this is one to watch.

Guaranteed Same Day order Dispatch

We work Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. If you order cannabis seeds during our working hours before 3pm and payment is accepted we guarantee your marijuana seeds order will be sent out the same day. We offer many different delivery methods and if you want next day delivery we offer a guaranteed next day service that will reach you by 1pm if you are located in the UK. The only exemption to this is when your item is out of stock. In this instance we will email you to let you know your item is out of stock and then attempt to order your item directly from our suppliers. Normally we can source your seeds within a 24-48 hour period. If for some reason your product is not available to order we will offer you a suitable alternative or a full refund if you desire. We offer worldwide Ganja Seeds delivery also but please check your countries laws as customs seizures will not be covered by our insurance.

Product Quality at Just Feminized

Our Smoking Accessories and Cannabis Seeds are made to a very high standard and we offer a very good range. Every marijuana associated product we sell online is sold at a good price and high quality. We stock a lot of major branded Ganja Products at Just Feminized Online Headshop so be sure to take a good look around. Buying Smoking accessories can significantly improve your smoking experience making things much easier and faster for you. We sell so many products that you might be surprised upon looking further. All our Marijuana Seeds have been created by the worlds most professional breeders and you can be sure that we only sell authentic products.

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Strawberry Cough, Strawberry Cream, Diesel, Amnesia, Mango Haze, Cake, NL5, Blue. There are many Strawberry Cannabis Strains and we have a list of them here.
Super Skunk is a very well known high yielding cannabis strain that has been used in many new genetics. If you want to grow Super Skunk find the perfect cross breed marijuana seed here.
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