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Serious Seeds are the copyright owners of the original and undisputed champion known as AK47. They are serious breeders that have been around since the very begining with their Serious Seeds website being created in the year 2000 over 17 years ago.

Serious Seeds have created a range that is small but very popular. They were the original creators and have copyright protection for all of their strains. The Seed packaging is quite standard as it is a simple folded card with a vial on the side. Whats extra special about Serious Cannabis Seeds is that they have an identification number on every pack so they know when it was sold and from exactly which batch. This is important to them as they only produce seeds with a superior standard.

Serious Seeds are a company that are in very high demand. They have such a good reputation that they are constantly running out of supply. The breeder only produces very small batches of cannabis seeds at one time and his precision is that of champions. If there is the slightest error in testing once batches are produced he will bin the entire batch. Serious Seeds are undoubtfully the number one cannabis breeder in the world in our opinion. The only bad word we could say about them is that they could do with steppin up their breeding and producing higher volumes of seeds as we run out so often. Out of 10 though we must say they score a perfect 10/10.

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