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Stainless Steel Herb Pollen Powder Press

  • Our own Stainless Steel Press
  • Half the price of the Piecemaker
  • Best value pollen press available
  • 100% Stainless Steel Pollen Press
We have just taken stock of our own Stainless Steel Pollen Press.
We all know the Piecemaker is the best pollen press available in the world but some people don't want to pay the £159.99 RRP price tag.
We have sourced a manufacturer directly and have managed to fully fabricate a unit that has the exact same capabilities as the Piecemaker. Our new unit will be made from 100% Stainless Steel and be able to withstand much more pressure than the cheap Aluminium Press and much more affordable than the Piecemaker.
The internal barrel or pressing area is exactly the same as our aluminium press which measures 30mm x 110mm. The external dimensions are 140mm x 35mm making this 2.5mm in thickness.
Press any powder or herb
Made by our own associates
Made from high grade 100% Stainless Steel
Press up to 50 grams of material easily
Directly comparable to the piecemaker
The best standard of press available
For optimal results add a small amount of pressure each time then leave for an hour to adjust. After one hour add more pressure until it is hand tight. With this item we can offer 30 day money back warranty as this is very hard wearing and if it is going to brake you would have to be the worlds strongest man to do so.
We always try to keep all our Herb Presses in stock so they are available for next day delivery. If you order before 3pm on Monday-Friday we can guarantee next day delivery but Saturday delivery is a little more expensive. If for some reason this item is out of stock we will normally be able to get one out to you within 2-5 days.
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Customer reviews

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This is a very very good hand held powder press !

It is Stainless Steel and I use it to press powder in one solid lump. This was the cheap and most successful option found. My friend use big Hydrolic baring press what is sooo big and take lot of room for this job. I use aluminium press before and this terrible (not buy) it is waste of moneys one this.

This product made me so much money it cost nothing to buy and work great.

if it get lost or broken i will buy one more sure.

Ivan | Leeds | October 2014

Excellent product & great value for money. No hesitation in recommending it.

Podencoid | South England | November 2012

Was hesitant at first but after speaking to tony at justfeminized decided to chose this over the piecemaker and I am glade I did..

Very happy with the press..

Only thing is that the barrel is a tiny bit smaller than the piecemaker so the inlays from the piecemaker don't fit but if they did fit would be a wicked bonus..

Tony explained that the next batch maybe a bit bigger to allow use of the inlays so that would make it absolutely perfect.

Kahn | Birmingham | August 2012

Would deffo recommend this product..

Much cheaper than the peacemaker press and does the exact same job so deffo worth the price tag difference..

Does not look quite as refined as the peacemaker but it is pretty close and the best alternative i have been able to find in the UK..

Pressure Mad | UK | May 2012