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Stainless Steel Herb Pollen Powder Press
Our own JustFeminized Stainless Steel Pollen Press 24hr del
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RRP: £139.99
Our Price: £79.99
  • In Stock Now!
  • 24 hr Delivery Available

Piecemaker Compared

We have seen a lot of pollen presses and this one is near identical to the renowned high premium piece maker. The original Piecemaker is a German made press that is slightly more refined and looks a little better but the price take is double compared to our own Stainless Steel Press.

The quality of our pollen powder or herb press is second to nothing other than the piecemaker. We use the same steel and have refined the quality to know you will be 100% Satisfied..

There is still no doubt the Piecemaker is still the champion when it comes to stainless steel pollen presses, but ours really does give it a run for its money.

Over Tightening

When using any pollen press the only tool you should ever use to assist you is a vice to hold the press in place.

Once held in place use only your hands strength to tighten the press with the handle. This is more than sufficient for pressing a range of powders, herbs or pollen if in a country legal to do so.

Never use any other tools to tighten the press as it could result in damage!

The main type of damage that could result in these presses malfunctioning is that with over tightening the thread can cross thread and wear off.


Price Match Guarantee!

Double the difference price match – Best Price Guarantee!

Many marijuana seed banks now offer price match guarantees but our offer is a little different!
If you place an order at and then later find the exact same product cheaper on another site within 2 weeks we will issue you with a voucher to the value of double the difference to spend on our site.
Example: If you ordered Serious White Russian from us for £65 and within 2 weeks you find it on another site for £60 we will send you a Coupon Voucher for double the £5 difference giving you a £10 Voucher.
Claim your Voucher Now!
In order to claim your discount coupon voucher you will need to meet all of the conditions below.

1, You will need to have placed an order with within 2 weeks of finding the price difference.
2, You must have found the exact same branded strain and seed quantity on a competitor website.
3, The competitor company must stock the seeds legitimately and be VAT registered in the UK.
4, You must let us know within 14 days after the date of placing your order.
5, This offer applies to branded Seed Bank Strains. It excludes all single seeds and all our home brand products.
6, Issued Discount Vouchers will only be valid for 6 months from the date of creation.
7, Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and can only be used for future orders placed online.

To make your claim: please email us at [email protected] within 14 days of ordering. once received we will evaluate your claim and reply by email within 48 hours with the results and if awarded your Double Discount Coupon Code!

Delivery & Returns

Please See our full delivery terms and conditions by (clicking here) 
United Kingdom Delivery Options COST
UK 1-5 days, 1st Class Stamp, No Signature Required, NOT INSURED £2.00
UK 1-5 days, Recorded, Signature Required, Basic Insurance up to £50* £4.00
UK 24HR Guaranteed, Special Delivery, Signature Required, Full Insurance up to £250* £8.00
Please See our full delivery terms and conditions by (clicking here) 
Europe & International Delivery Options COST
WORLDWIDE 2-21 days, No Signature Required, NOT INSURED* £3.50
WORLDWIDE 2-10 days, Signature Required, INSURED up to £150* £10.50

Delivery times are estimates only and the only guaranteed service is the 24HR Special Delivery. This is however subject to stock availability and for this guarantee you will need to order Monday to Friday before 3pm excluding Bank Holidays. 

Please read through our full delivery terms and conditions if you are unsure about anything as they may have changed. We will not accept liability for international deliveries that have been held or destroyed by customs.

We offer some fantastic Stealth Discrete Delivery options on checkout so if you are unsure please use one of these methods to ensure smooth delivery to countries where you may have customs issues.

Returns: We do not accept returns for any seeds purchased unless the packet is completely sealed and un open or in the case that you may have received​​​​ the wrong items from us. So, Excluding Cannabis Seeds all other products can be returned for any reason within 14 days of receiving the item. Please contact us if you need to discus returns Contact Us.

Freebies & Packaging

Our standard packaging will have your seeds in a bubble wrapped envelope. Please note that stealth packaging options mean we will remove Souvenir Breeder Packaging (Add these during checkout)
Remove your Invoice from the package Free
Standard bubble pack with souvenir seeds inside Free
REMOVE Souvenir Packaging and place in plastic container Free
Remove seeds and send them inside a DVD Case with CD £0.99
Remove seeds and place discretely inside a ball point pen £0.99
Place seeds inside a mini metal lighter key ring £2.49
Place seeds inside a working Metal Screw Bolt £2.49
Place seeds inside a black round stash car lighter £2.49
Place seeds in the collar label of a Just Feminized Design T-Shirt £8.99
We also have some very good weekly and monthly promotions click SPECIAL OFFERS
Awards 1 free single feminized seed with 10 strains to choose from £25 +
Awards 2 free single feminized seeds with 10 strains to choose from £50 +
Awards 3 free single feminized seeds with 10 strains to choose from £75 +
Awards 4 free single feminized seeds with 10 strains to choose from £100 +
Awards 5 free single feminized seeds with 10 strains to choose from £125 +
Awards 6 free single feminized seeds with 10 strains to choose from £150 +

If you take the time to look through our special offers section you will find discounts up to 60% on selected major seed banks cannabis strains. We have many different offers available so look carefully and find a major bargain today.

*** Midweek Madness & Strain of the Week ***

Every Tuesday & Wednesday for 48 hours we offer 2 strains from our range at a discounted price of 33% OFF.

Every Week changing on Thursday's we also offer 2 Strains in our Strain of the week discount for just £2.75 each.

We Offer 2 Auto's and 2 Standard Feminized Strains every week so keep checking to see which one is discounted this week!


Large Stainless Steel Pollen Press near identical to the Piecemaker Herb Powder Press
We have just taken stock of our own Stainless Steel Pollen Press.
We all know the Piecemaker is the best pollen press available in the world but some people don't want to pay the £159.99 RRP price tag.
We have sourced a manufacturer directly and have managed to fully fabricate a unit that has the exact same capabilities as the Piecemaker. Our new unit will be made from 100% Stainless Steel and be able to withstand much more pressure than the cheap Aluminium Press and much more affordable than the Piecemaker.
The internal barrel or pressing area is exactly the same as our aluminium press which measures 30mm x 110mm. The external dimensions are 140mm x 35mm making this 2.5mm in thickness.
Press any powder or herb
Made by our own associates
Made from high grade 100% Stainless Steel
Press up to 50 grams of material easily
Directly comparable to the piecemaker
The best standard of press available
For optimal results add a small amount of pressure each time then leave for an hour to adjust. After one hour add more pressure until it is hand tight. With this item we can offer 30 day money back warranty as this is very hard wearing and if it is going to brake you would have to be the worlds strongest man to do so.
We always try to keep all our Herb Presses in stock so they are available for next day delivery. If you order before 3pm on Monday-Friday we can guarantee next day delivery but Saturday delivery is a little more expensive. If for some reason this item is out of stock we will normally be able to get one out to you within 2-5 days.

Customer Reviews

Write an online review and share your thoughts with other shoppers!

Ivan-Leeds-5 Stars

This is a very very good hand held powder press !

It is Stainless Steel and I use it to press powder in one solid lump. This was the cheap and most successful option found. My friend use big Hydrolic baring press what is sooo big and take lot of room for this job. I use aluminium press before and this terrible (not buy) it is waste of moneys one this.

This product made me so much money it cost nothing to buy and work great.

if it get lost or broken i will buy one more sure.

Podencoid-South England-5 Stars

Excellent product & great value for money. No hesitation in recommending it.

Kahn-Birmingham-5 Stars

Was hesitant at first but after speaking to tony at justfeminized decided to chose this over the piecemaker and I am glade I did..

Very happy with the press..

Only thing is that the barrel is a tiny bit smaller than the piecemaker so the inlays from the piecemaker don't fit but if they did fit would be a wicked bonus..

Tony explained that the next batch maybe a bit bigger to allow use of the inlays so that would make it absolutely perfect.

Pressure Mad-UK-5 Stars

Would deffo recommend this product..

Much cheaper than the peacemaker press and does the exact same job so deffo worth the price tag difference..

Does not look quite as refined as the peacemaker but it is pretty close and the best alternative i have been able to find in the UK..

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Disclaimer: Cannabis Seeds are sold as Souvenirs and germination is illegal in most countries!

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